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dog rugs uk

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dog rugs uk - Pet Projects:

Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible

Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible

Pet Projects is simply irresistible. This collection of 33 adorable patterns is to knit for any pet and ranges for the beginner to the expert knitter. To be cherished by pet owners and crafters alike, this ingenious collection of 33 patterns, Pet Projects, has something for nearly every pet. Knitters will delight in making canine coats, collars and caps. Cats will curl up on the Mouse Mat throw rug or any of the cushions. The wide range of patterns in Pet Projects includes a horse blanket, flowers for a koi, a hamster house, and a hibernation tent for your turtle.

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With nothing really fancy in my collection at the moment, here's a picture of my doggy, named Wolfie short for Wolfgang or something like that. It doesn't take much imagination to notice that he's a German Shepherd or Alsatian, you merely need to know the name... I didn't name him. There's a bone in his mouth because he likes them. In this photo I think he's about fourteen months old. I do rather like the fact that Wolfie's furs manage to match the colours of both the rug and the floor. You'd think he'd be invisible and blend in, Wolfie couldn't be more of the opposite. This seems to be the only photograph I took that day, if I recall I was testing something out on the camera, still new to me at the time thus I was still trying to get my head around it. Anyways Enjoy.

Taken on 27th May 2010



One of three mobile phone snaps. Many apologies for the quality. I haven't used my Nikon since my PC died at New Year, as it seems pointless when there's nowhere to upload pictures to.

But now that Krystyna is overcoming her anxieties and settling in, I couldn't resist starting a set for her, so these pictures are just to show how she's settling in at home - and particularly with Gilmour.

On her first night, Kryssy decided to bed down in just about the most uncomfortable place in the house - right by R's chair and where he dumps all his rubbish. But, she obviously feels secure there, so we folded up the old "sheep" rug to make her more comfy. At which point Gilmour tried to take it over - but she insisted it was hers, so her they are having their first near-snuggle.

dog rugs uk

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